3D filmic installation and performance, 2012-14

Artistic direction: Alexander Stublic

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Uncollectables is a hybrid form of screening and performance.
The concept originates from an interdisciplinary workshop with the participation of the HBK Saarbrücken and the HfM Karlsruhe / IMWI under the artistic direction of Alexander Stublic.
The piece consists of three parts: several 3D-printed objects; a stereoscopic 3d-video presenting visualizations of the states of randomly created spaces with three variables and three parameters; and four electronic compositions inspired by the visualizations. In the course of the performance, the acoustic compositions evolve to a stronger "interpreting" role, and finally bring into account the 3D-objects.


3D filmic installation and performance, 2012-14

runtime 15 minutes

Artistic director

Alexander Stublic


Compositions and production

Michael Kapuste, Christoph Pennig, Ralf Strecker, Vincent Wikström


3D objects

Mathias Hauck


Programming of the state spaces

Michael Voigt


Software developer

Simon Frettlöh


3D-video production

Malte Paetsch


DCP creation

Julius Schall


Additional credits

Screening and Performance at Parallax S-3D Video Festival, Prague 2014


Screening and performance at 3D beyond Festival, 2013:
Technical advisor: Simon Frettlöh; assistance: Marlene Breil

Screening and performance at MUSA festival Karlsruhe, 2013:
Assistance: Janika Kungl

Screening and performance at HBK Saarbrücken, 2013:
Production: Fabian Mannesmann, Sebastian Flöht


© 2012/14 HBKSaar & IMWI HFM Karlsruhe, HfG Karlsruhe Expanded 3Digital Cinema Lab


Special thanks

Vera Batozska

Burkhard Detzler

Ludger Pfanz

Thomas Troge


Photo © 2013 Simon Frettlöh, © 2013 Vera Batozska, video teaser © 2014 Kapuste, Falkenstern, Stublic