Twists and turns

Video on the Uniqa Tower Vienna, since 2006

By Mader Stublic Wiermann

Video documentation



The exterior of the Uniqa Tower in Vienna has been equipped with a LED-grid, a wide-meshed net of picture elements capable of receiving video-data, which are fitted into the gaps of the building’s facade. An interplay between the architecture and the electronic data feed
changing over time, evolves: The building does not simply serve as a screen or message-board, as is commonly the case with electronic billboards, but becomes an integral part of the urban landscape as abstract, constantly modulating architectural form.

At first, the electronic data corresponds to the architectural structure of the tower, but during the course of its choreography, repeatedly detaches itself from the
concrete shape of the building, establishing new spaces which dynamically interweave.
Ever new virtual layers are thus added to the building.

Photo left part: first district, Danube canal, right part: second district with Uniqa tower


Twists and turns
artistic video on the Uniqa Tower Vienna, since 2006





Planning and realization

Mader Stublic Wiermann



video on LED façade


photo 1, 4/5 © 2007 Hervé Massard, photo 2/3 and video documentation © 2006 Mader Stublic Wiermann