The uncanny valley

Phase III, installation and VR components, 2019-24 (work in progress),
Phase II, light boxes and object, 2015-23 (work in progress)
Solo exhibition at the Saarländische gallery, Berlin 2014

By Alexander Stublic and Thomas A. Troge


The historical rooms of the Saarländische Galerie at the Palais am Festungsgraben are chosen as a place of departure of transgressing borders between the real and the simulation. Alexander Stublić created a computer simulation with different elements of the rooms, concentrating on transitions and changes, which intrude back into the gallery through 3D-video and light.

Visitors entered the tension field created by several distributed sceneries and followed by
Thomas A. Troge’s sound composition.

The term „The uncanny valley“ derives from computer graphics and describes an unexpected emotional reaction, if the displayed seems not real enough to match the fixed conception of the spectator to be evaluated as real - what is seen feels literally uncanny.



photo © 2014 David Richardt


Starting point of the installation is the "Schinkel-Saal" with it's strong impact on the former Saarländische Gallery (until 2015, then the gallery itself moved to another location).
The Schinkel-Saal was once transported from a destructed Schinkel-palais and reassembled at the Palais am Festungsgraben.




The uncanny valley (phase III - vr)

work in progress, 2019-23



VR / 3D- video and sound installation, synchronized



Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe

and Special scholarship Restart Culture

The uncanny valley (phase II)

Light box series and object, 2015-23 (work in progress)



The uncanny valley (phase I)

Solo exhibition 4th September 2014 – 3rd October 2014


Dr. Andrea Weber



Saarländische Galerie – Europäisches Kunstforum e.V.



Alexander Stublic


Sound composition

Thomas A. Troge



3 channel 2d/3d video, 6 channel light and sound installation, synchronized


Special thanks

Simon Frettlöh

Elmar Hess

Dr. Thomas Knoefel

Robert Rammelt

Dr. Gunther Reisinger

Jan Steigert

Ralph Strecker

Frank Vetter

Christina Zück


The Eidotech team, Stefan Opitz, Maximilian Fischer

BIM Berlin, Gorki Theater




Beyond 3D Festival exhibition 15th - 18th October 2015



Ludger Pfanz



HfM Karlsruhe



4 channel 2d/3d video and sound installation, synchronized


photo © 2014 Christina Zück, video documentation © 2014 Frank Vetter