One channel video/sound installation on sheet glass, 2008

By Mader Stublic Wiermann and Thomas Troge

Video documentation



The installation consists of sound and a video projector, which cast it's light on the two windows of the gallery room. Glimpse uses the sheet glass which was laminated from the outside, thus preserving the panes as projection surfaces. The video's main motif is a slightly moving curtain, that - depending on the lighting situation - becomes more or less transparent and thus limiting or allowing a brief glimpse into changing interior scenes. Different scenes are spotty lit-up, the visible surfaces display no characteristics.
All visible elements origin from a computer simulation, choreographed into different artificial light-scenarios. Everything seems to be only a references of reality, the lack of characteristic surface creates a feeling of emptiness and artificiality. The accompanying sound composition uses artificial noise and baths the sceneries into a mysterious tension.
The window as a mediator between the inside and the outside becomes an interface between reality and simulation.
The real window and virtual sceneries meet each other on one level. On another level the spacial illusion created by the video is directly rebound as a reflection into the real gallery room.
The theme "inside-outside" can be repeatedly found in the motifs of the video itself: the interiors’ only characteristics are openings of different kinds. Doors, stairs, even books lead to an outside, that lies in the virtual.



Solo exhibition, after effects, Berlin



Gallery ACI, Berlin



Mader Stublic Wiermann

Sound composition: Thomas Troge



One channel video projection on sheet glass


Special thanks

Melanie Zagrean

Pierre Wolter



Photo and video © 2008 Mader Stublic Wiermann