4D house

7 channel video installation, 2010

By Mader Stublic Wiermann

Video documentation



Following the design by Zvi Hecker the building’s expansive, concentric elements as well as the bordering white wall areas, form the background of a video projection. Every projection is synchronized and cut in a way that exactly fits the varying surfaces of the building’s parts. The video is a choreography of digital abstract structures, which were created in different manners out of an interplay between light and shadow and the inherent tension of the building.



The guiding principle of the video can be paraphrased with the term “friction”. Moirées are created out of fine structures that are stacked and moved against each other, thus creating a tension field and a special kind of energy. Large-sized line/grid combinations are interfered and set against those Moirées. They twist and move in opposite directions to each other and to the different parts of the building – as they lean on the light and shadow play of the architecture.


Ruhrlights: twilight zone
European Capital of Culture, Ruhr 2010



Söke Dinkla





Planning and realization

Mader Stublic Wiermann



7 video projectors and computer media control


Special thanks

Söke Dinkla

Sascha Gierend

Nina Hülsmeier

Michael Lang


Ruhrlights Team

Lang Video Team


Photo 1–3 © 2010 Werner Hannappel; photo 2–6 and video © 2010 Mader Stublic Wiermann